Cacti & Succulents General Plant Care.

Succulent plants are adapted by nature to take up moisture, when it is available, quickly and store it over long periods so: THEY DO NEED WATER!


Like all houseplants (and that is all they are) they need regular attention, re-potting and checking for pests and disease. They will not survive long periods of cold, especially in winter keep them fairly dry and frost free.


Most cacti and many succulents prefer full sun, although forest cacti, such as Christmas cacti, would do better in shady or broken light situation. Mature cacti will thrive in conservatory locations, where the average houseplant would fail.


We suggest watering at least once a week during the growing season (March to October). If in doubt, DON’T WATER! During winter, little or no water should be given. We recommend watering from above but under no circumstances DO NOT let them stand in water for more than 1 hour.